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Machine Repair

We have a certified technician on-site for cleaning and repair of Pfaff and Singer sewing machines and sergers.  Contact the shop for more information, 601-630-3303 or

Pleating Services
We provide pleating and blocking services for our smocking customers.  Pricing is as follows
Bishop -- Cut Out, Sew Sleeves In, Pleat and Block                    $20
Bishop -- Pleat and Block                                                             $14
Bishop -- Final Construction                                                         $25
Yoke Pleating                                                                                  $8
Insert Pleating                                                                                 $8
Bonnet -- Sew On Lace and Pleat                                                  $9
Collar                                                                                            $12
Contact the shop for more information or to request one of these services, 601-630-3303 or

Design and Construction Services
We provide custom design and construction services upon request.  Pricing is determined based on the type of services requested.  The customer can request hand embroidery, French hand sewing, French hand sewing by machine, etc. All materials needed in construction must be purchased from The Sewing Boutique unless otherwise pre-arranged the the shop.  Contact the shop for more information, 601-630-3303 or

Antique and Vintage Textile Repairs
We repair damaged antique and vintage textiles such as, christening gowns, tablecloths, placemats, etc.  Contact the shop for more information, 601-630-3303 or