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Collars Etc. by Trudy Horne Hannah's Sundress Size 1 - 8

Hanna's Sundress Sizes 1-8. Hanna's Sundress is a square yoked sleeveless dress. It features an embroidered yoke and buttonholes at the shoulders for tying ribbons. Simple construction, detailed illustrations, and easy-to-follow instructions include information on how to embroider the yoke with silk ribbon as well as traditional surface embroidery. This dress can be made with dressy or casual fabric and ribbon, contrasting yoke and skirt fabrics or using lightweight fabrics and worn as a pinafore over a dress. Hanna?s Sundress is a great project for someone new to garment construction and/ or embroidery. For a quick and easy summer dress use buttons instead of embroidery to decorate the yoke.